Bulk Upload

Upload all your organizations profile picture in one automatic bulk operation. Introduce a consistent and very simple form of profile picture management.

Online and OnPrem Services

Set the profile pictures for SharePoint online and onprem, Skype for Business online and onprem, Exchange online and onprem and Active Directory.


Use a central location as source of the employees profile pictures and manage only one picture folder and list of picture to profile-name mappings.


Automate the profile picture upload by running the tool as a scheduled task, which uploads pictures from a specified location to the services automatically.

The UserProfile Picture Upload Tool is for...

Typical customers to use the UserProfile Picture Upload Tool are businesses and organizations who want to bulk upload profile pictures for their employees to different Microsoft services.

The UserProfile Picture Upload Tool can make sense for every organization that wants to maintain a consistent policy for the profile pictures of employees in several Microsoft services like SharePoint online and SharePoint onprem, Exchange online and Exchange onprem, Skype for Business online and Skype for Business onprem and the Windows Active Directory.

Profile pictures can be managed in a single folder and the mapping to the user profiles is managed in a single additional CSV file. From this location, the tool uploads the picture to all specified Microsoft services. It can be configured to which services the pictures shall be uploaded.

For organizations that want to continuously update user profile pictures or upload pictures for new employees, the tool can easily be defined as a scheduled task on a server machine so that administrators just have to place the updated or new pictures in the folder, edit the CSV list if needed and the new pictures will be uploaded to the services on the next run of the tool.

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The pricing model is simple. The UserProfilePicture App is available per Office 365 tenant, whether you have 50 or 50,000 users. The app is delivered as package for installation on any Windows Server and can be executed daily or on-demand. The price per tenant is 1.500 € / 1,690 USD.
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